Ivette Irizarry


Ivette was born and raised on the island of Puerto Rico. She grew up in a practicing Catholic household. She says she knew ABOUT God and Jesus, but never really understood the connection. In 1994 she married the son of a pastor, and found in the protestant church a more personal, less artificial form of worship than that of the Catholic church. But it wasn't until the last day of the new members' class at a Methodist church in California (where she attended graduate school) that he Lord finally hit her over the head with it. At the very end, before signing the membership covenant, the booklet walked her through the Gospel basics. Man is full of sin, therefore separated from God and deserving death; man can never attain God's perfection through man's works; Jesus paid the penalty of our sin and serves as the bridge between us and God. She literally smacked her forehead and said out loud, "Why had nobody told me this before?" That was the beginning of her walk with God, finally with open eyes. Ivette and her family live in San Antonio, where she spends her time homeschooling her two children and serving in various aspects of music ministry, as well as running a music business along with her husband Jose.