Translation Project

Millions of people around the world have never heard the gospel in their first language. 

In February 2020, a small group of VBVMI listeners recognized the need to reach people with God’s word in their first language. They formed a team of dedicated volunteers to begin translating all of Pastor Stephen Armstrong's Bible studies. What started out as four people from Asia grew into a group of more than 30 volunteers from countries around the world. Because of their love for and desire to spread God's word, VBVMI will soon offer Bible teaching in Mandarin, Spanish, Indonesian, Italian, French, Afrikaans, Norsk, and Tamil, as well as Dutch, Farsi and Hindi in the future.

Find out more about VBVMI's Translation Project and how you can get involved! Email Wilianto Wu, VBVMI Translation Project Lead. 

As always, all translated materials will be available on the ministry website at no cost for listeners.

You can access our first translated materails here.

"Woe to them" - Jude 11-16